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About Us

Innovation is the outcome of a habit, not a random act.

"The technology you use impresses no one.
The experience you create with it is everything."

WeberFox Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Weberfox Technologies Pvt Ltd is an Electronics, Communication Systems and Information Technology company formed by a group of young professionals based at Cochin, Kerala, with an aim of bringing the benefits of innovations in technology to the common people at an affordable cost. WeberFox is concentrating much on the research and development of technologies in the following areas:

  • Electronics.
  • Wireless Communication Systems.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Information Technology and Software.
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Technology is best when it brings people together. We are always committed to ourselves in bringing the benefits of technological innovations to the common people at an affordable cost.

Drone Development

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Software

We can provide customized drone solutions for commercial applications as per the customer needs.

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Artificial Intelligence

  • Computer Vision
  • Apps
  • ML & DL

We develope AI powered mobile apps and web apps as to improve user experience and satisfaction.

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Wireless Communication

  • Antennas
  • RF Energy Harvesting
  • RFID

We carries out research and development in the areas of Antennas, RFID technology and RF Energy Harvesting.

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  • Mobile Apps
  • Web apps
  • Softwares

We develope cross platform mobile applications, web applications and other softwares at an affordable cost

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Electronic Technologies

  • Robotics
  • Embedded Systems
  • IoT

We carries out research and development of technologies in the field of Robotics, IoT and Embedded Systems

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Digital Support

  • SEO
  • E-commerce

We carries out digital marketing, SEO, E-commerce platform management etc for our customers./p> View More


How We Differ?

“Our business is about technology, yes. But it’s also about operations and customer relationships.”

  • Delighted to Help

    Our dedicated helpdesk team is always ready to hear and assist everyone approaching us for technical consultation

  • Excitement in your idea

    We are always excited to hear your idea and imagination and to being a part of your dream project.

  • Accessible to Everyone

    Irrespective of small or large business you have, we are always committed to support everyone equally and efficiently.

  • Affordable to Everyone

    No need to wait until rich to transform your ideas. We are always committed to deliver best service within your budget.

  • Support at its best

    We ensure your business is running smoothly. 24x7 dedicated support and troubleshooting team for every project

  • Across the Globe

    Beyond Boundaries, We are ready to hear your stories, ideas, imaginations and excited to implement it at your place.